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Accelerating thought into action 


A regular virtual discussion series focused exclusively on topics of interest to CSA farmers and farmer support providers

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Direct-marketing farmers can now accept SNAP online with free support from Marketlink and GrownBy. In this CSA Ideas Lab, we were joined by Amy Crone from Marketlink, Mike Parker from GrownBy, and Annie Moore from River Queen Greens to discuss exciting new ways to expand food access by processing SNAP online.


Farm-driven fundraising for food access initiatives 10.12.2023

Hear from Cassie Wyss of Crossroads Community Farm about raising funds through their membership to support local food access initiatives & building a stronger community around local food. Also, learn about the farm's work in collecting reparations for BIPOC farms, & supporting their area food pantries.

This conversation was hosted by the CSA Innovation Network's Equity & Access Learning Community.


SLIDING SCALES - NOVEL PAYMENT MODELS to support csa access 9.27.2023

In this Ideas Lab, learn from three farms - Budding Moon Farm, Wonka's Harvest, and Zephyr Organics - on how they structure  cost-share programs at the farm level & at organizational levels so that CSA shares can be made more affordable to potential members.


This conversation was hosted by the CSA Innovation Network's Equity & Access Learning Community.


Coffee Chat: Implementing Nutrition Incentive Programming in csa 8.10.2023

Check out this Coffee Chat where we share various approaches to how CSA farms can implement nutrition incentive programs. Learn the key steps involved in setting up a successful program as a vendor, where to look for partnerships to strengthen your connections, and what assistance is available to you. Featured speakers are from City Fresh, Produce Perks Midwest, Glynwood, the Pacific Northwest CSA Coalition, & FairShare CSA Coalition. View resources that were shared here

Coffee Chat: Health & wellness CSA Voucher Program (pt. 2) 6.12.2023

This Coffee Chat covered the University of Kentucky’s (UK) Health and Wellness CSA Voucher Program featuring Jody Ensman, Director of UK Health and Wellness and Vanessa Oliver, Registered Dietician at UK Health and Wellness. Jody and Vanessa shared their experience piloting, growing and managing the CSA Wellness program, including administrative considerations, coordination with other university wellness programs and nutritional education, and their partnership with the Kentucky Farm Share Coalition.


Finding Success with Customizable CSA Shares 5.23.2023

Incorporating more choice into your CSA isn't always easy, but here we'll learn from two farms - Fiddlehead Farm and Barr Farms - about their approaches to finding success while offering their members customizable options. Plus, get a peek into Local Food Marketplace as one software solution for offering customized shares.

Coffee Chat: Health & wellness CSA Voucher Program (pt. 1) 5.22.2023

This Coffee Chat covered the University of Kentucky’s (UK) Health and Wellness CSA Voucher Program featuring Richard Amos, Chief Benefits Officer at UK. Richard shared considerations that went into the decision to fund UK's CSA Voucher program, including how the program fits into the larger objectives of a good benefits package; how it advances UK’s goals for employee Health and Wellness; and its overall “value on investment."



Agritourism is a way to bring more customer engagement & revenue to your CSA, & there are many ways to approach it. Listen to Fresh of Fresher Together, Nichki of Letterbox Farm, & Devon of Sunlight Gardens share their stories of creative land & resource usage that they take on in addition to running their farm. Going beyond just CSA member events, agritourism programs open up additional ways for people to visit your farm, have fun, & draw in more interaction from your greater community.


Multi-farm & cooperative csa models 2.28.2023

Learn about how two multi-farm CSA operations got to where they are today in this engaging discussion. Speakers Ashley C. Smith from Black Soil KY in Kentucky & Charrisha Hillery from the Fresno Farm Box in California will share their experiences & guide our conversation on what cooperative, aggregated, multi-farm CSA programs can look like. Check out the resources shared in the video description!

Cultivating a money mindset 12.15.2022

Annie Salafsky, founder & former co-owner of Helsing Junction Farms CSA for nearly three decades, shares her experience & expertise around building a financially successful CSA business. In this engaging conversation, Annie speaks directly to challenges faced, while giving sound advice on how to make CSA work for you.



Hear from two experts on farm labor: Sarah Janes Ugoretz, of FairShare CSA Coalition, & Liz Henderson, of NOFA & URGENCI. Learn about farmers' labor challenges, bringing farm employee perspectives into the picture, & more.



UC-Davis professor Ryan Galt chats about changes in CSA consumer preferences. Learn about the changing landscape of consumer choices, external factors driving differences in CSA sales, & how CSA member preferences & buying patterns have evolved over time.

Dive into Ryan's research: "The (un)making of “CSA people”: Member retention and the customization paradox in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in California."


digital promotion & engagement for csa farmers 6.29.2022

Hear from two experts in the world of online selling and promotion for farmers, and learn more about engaging with your customers in the digital space. Speakers Nina Galle, head of content at Local Line, and Kendall Ballantine, farmer and business owner at Marketing for Farmers, share tips and best practices for reaching, engaging with, and selling to CSA customers in digital spaces.

Download a bonus workbook from Kendall! 


going beyond produce: meat, fish, grain, & flower csas 3.29.2022

Hear a variety of CSA providers share about their successes in non-produce markets. Learn about meat shares at Skyview Acres, Citizen Salmon Alaska's CSF (Community Supported Fishery), flower bouquet subscriptions from Marilla Field & Flora, and Meadowlark Organic's grain shares.

CSA week

setting up for success: CSA week 2.1.2022

Join the CSA Innovation Network in a brainstorming session as we explore tips and tricks for using CSA Week to drive signups, increase member engagement, and celebrate the CSA movement across the country! 


The KY Farm Share Coalition, FairShare CSA Coalition, Hearty Roots Community Farm, and researchers discuss experiences facilitating different types of workplace CSA programs. In particular, this webinar will identify successful strategies and potential pitfalls when engaging employers. 

Ideas Lab: Workplace CSA

Moving from Food Access to Food Justice 8.19.2021

Join the Network’s Equity & Access Working Group as we explore the history of the CSA model in the United States, consider today's challenges to advancing equity in CSA, and identify future opportunities to build a more equitable food system.


Retaining CSA Members During & After the Pandemic 3.23.2021

In this Ideas Lab Webinar, you will get to see a short video screening and facilitated discussion on CSA member retention.  We'll use our collective learned experiences from the past year to share strategies to maintain long-time CSA membership.


Strategies to promote CSA 2.2.2021

In this webinar, Corinna Bench, Founder of and Tricia Phelps, CEO of Taste the Local Difference will guide you through best strategies to build an online presence, hook your audience, and help them sign up for your CSA.


Farmer to Farmer ECOMMERCE exchange  11.17.2020

This webinar will take a deep dive into some of the most popular software platforms for farm-specific sales, based on 2020 national farmer-survey findings. Our featured speaker is Claire Strader, Organic Vegetable Educator of Dane County Extension & FairShare CSA Coalition. Claire will present on general eCommerce platforms as well as farm-specific software for CSA and direct sales!



This webinar focuses on how CSA farmers and farmer support organizations are producing new & engaging virtual experiences and learning a lot in the process. Come learn as we discuss the most successful, challenging, and innovative aspects of virtual CSA fairs, farmer field days, fundraising events and farmer-led CSA member events! Speakers include Katie Harvey, Elizabeth Corio, Briana Alfaro, and Lauren Rudersdorf.


CSA as a Vehicle for Food Access 9.24.2020

This webinar explores the basic principles of food access and features CSA farmers and support organizations that have developed best practices to connect the CSA model to a broader, more inclusive audience. Speakers include Garrett Ziegler from Michigan State University Extension & West Michigan Growers Group, Mike Edwardson of Plainsong Farm (MI), Liv Froehlich from FairShare CSA Coalition (WI), and Linda Davies of Winter Green Farm (OR). 



Join Corinna Bench of and Tessa DeMaster of Willowhaven Farm to learn best practices around how to build a strong early bird CSA sign-up campaign. Corinna will share her inspiring story and include recommendations on how to set up a marketing campaign that will get current CSA customers to make a financial commitment to the farm far in advance.

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