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CSA Renewals Early Bird Challenge:

Resources Available Now!


The CSA Innovation Network is excited to share a collection of how-to videos & marketing materials to help you launch a successful early bird CSA sign-up campaign!

Follow along with the #CSAEarlyBirdChallenge on our social media, watch each day's video, & use the resources provided to promote early CSA membership renewals to your customers & followers. Complete the challenge at your own pace to set the stage for running a successful renewals campaign, so you can then start a new season off with CSA members already signed up! Join in by signing up below.

Over the course of the 5 day challenge, you'll receive:

  • 3 days of CSA Early Bird Challenge videos

  • Email copy and social media post taglines

  • A flyer handout template with instructions

  • Supporting resources shared for reference

Share how you're using these campaign materials to kickstart your early CSA sign-ups by using the hashtag #CSAEarlyBirdChallenge & tagging @csa_innovation_network on social media!

Please provide your name & email in the submission box below to sign up for the #CSAEarlyBirdChallenge. Once you sign up, you'll receive materials (3 daily challenge videos, & more) in your inbox throughout the week. You can complete the challenge on your own schedule, & then always have the campaign resources available for reference!

Thanks for joining! Look for the CSA Renewals Campaign emails soon.

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